Escape From The Slaughterhouse
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Escape From The Slaughterhouse

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I am often sent miscellany from PETA US’ Director of Marketing, Joel – we both share a geeky outlook on life, and while I won’t say we also share a similar age (I don’t want to offend), we do both appreciate old-school Atari-style games. So when he sent me the following retro-feel animal rights game, I felt compelled to share it. It’s called “Escape From the Slaughterhouse“, and you should go try it now if there’s an ounce of geek in you!

Created by Mikael Romlin, this game is for the old-school gamer in all of us. It reminds me of Jet Set Willy, but instead of running away from your rolling-pin-toting wife, you are searching for cages in each level in order to set your friends free and trying to escape from the slaughterhouse. You’ll encounter butchers along the way (whom you can defeat by jumping on their heads), and you have to be careful not to fall into the meat grinders.

I’m going to give you a heads-up and say that this game isn’t easy (neither Joel nor I can make it past the first boss), but the rewards are worth it.

And for those of you looking for some gaming on the go, check out Mikael’s Hunt the Hunter. It’s a mobile game in which you take shots at fox hunters before they can shoot vulnerable foxes.

After you’ve played the game, please give Mikael a shout out in the comments below for his retro games – we feel it’s well deserved.

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  1. avatar Bryson says:

    Ha. Ok. Get to the first boss?! Uhm it took me 3 attempts to get on the first moving platform, and then I gave up after one go after falling off that one first time.

    Cute chick though! I guess I’m not very gaming coordinated!

  2. avatar KT says:

    I love retro games, this is fab!

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