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What Does the New Government Have in Store for Animals?

Those of you who have read the entire policy document produced last week by our new government will have noticed a few animal welfare measures. I’m sure these proposals won’t be all we’ll see on this from the coalition, but they do give us something to think about.

Animal Testing

The first thing to catch my eye was the very welcome news that the government will end the testing of household products on animals. This is something PETA raised in a meeting with the Conservative animal welfare spokesperson, Andrew Rosindell MP, last … Read more.

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Kid Sister Says, ‘Fur? I Don’t Think So’

Chicago electro-rapper Kid Sister is getting rave reviews for her debut album, Ultraviolet. She’s been described as everything from the “saviour of female hip-hop” to the “hip-hop messiah” and is generally considered to be one of the coolest people on the planet. It’s only natural then that not only is she anti-fur, she’s also a big PETA supporter.

Kid Sister posed for this PETA ad because she knows that the fur industry is responsible for the horrific abuse of animals and that refusing to wear fur should be a “no-brainer”.
In addition … Read more.

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What Would the Animals Say?

© / GlobalP

If you have children or work with children, you know how much animals fascinate them and how animals feature heavily in children’s stories, games and toys. I always think it must be confusing for children when they eventually come to the realisation that much of the food they eat is animal flesh and that the lives of animals on factory farms are not remotely like the rosy or fantastic pictures painted in their storybooks. In addition, less “cuddly” animals are often presented negatively in books, cartoons and films.… Read more.

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PETA Calls On Lord Lloyd-Webber to Choose a Rescued ‘Toto’

© / EricHood

The finals of the BBC’s Over the Rainbow are airing this weekend. I’ve been watching the show avidly since the beginning, but in all honesty, I don’t really have a strong opinion when it comes to who should win the role of Dorothy – it’s the auditions for the part of Toto that I’ve been following!

As soon as it was announced that Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber was holding auditions to find a dog to star in a one-off gala performance of The Wizard of Oz, I wrote … Read more.

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Mike Tyson Goes Vegan

© / bns124

It should hardly come as a surprise that more and more people are choosing to adopt a vegan diet. Many are going vegan because of the violent slaughter of billions of animals every year for their flesh, the devastating impact that producing animal-derived products has on the environment, or the fact that vegans are slimmer and healthier than their carnivorous counterparts. But the news that notorious heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson has decided to ditch meat, eggs and dairy products still floored many of us.

It’s not because … Read more.

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The Death of Prince Harry’s Polo Pony Is Not an Isolated Incident

© / FreezingRain

The death of Drizzle, a pony Prince William and Prince Harry used for polo, has been in the news recently. According to media reports, Prince Harry was taking part in the second half of a charity match when he realised that Drizzle was struggling. Within minutes of being retired from the match, Drizzle suffered a heart attack and died.

The media are reporting Drizzle’s death as little more than an unfortunate incident. A guest at the match told The Mail on Sunday that “[i]t was very lucky … Read more.

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The Real Health And Safety Issue In Animal Dissection

© / Luoman

While a handful of backward-looking scientists are calling for a return to the days when pupils cut up dead animals, progressive educators know that these deadly exercises are a waste of lives, money and educational opportunities.

Almost all of the more than 40 comparative studies conducted on this topic have concluded that the learning outcomes of students who are taught using non-animal teaching methods such as interactive computer simulations are equivalent or superior to those of their peers who are taught using traditional animal-based methods.

Recent systematic reviews … Read more.

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Corrie’s Kate Ford Bares All For Bears!

If, like me, you are a massive Coronation Street fan you will have been thrilled when it was announced that the evil Tracy Barlow was set to return to cause more chaos for the residents of Weatherfield.  In real life, the actress Kate Ford really is the extreme opposite of Tracy – especially when it comes to animals. Kate first supported PETA back in 2005 when she starred in an anti-fur ad for us. Not long afterwards Kate left Corrie to pursue various other projects – including having a baby!

We shot … Read more.

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Escape From The Slaughterhouse

© / LordRunar

I am often sent miscellany from PETA US’ Director of Marketing, Joel – we both share a geeky outlook on life, and while I won’t say we also share a similar age (I don’t want to offend), we do both appreciate old-school Atari-style games. So when he sent me the following retro-feel animal rights game, I felt compelled to share it. It’s called “Escape From the Slaughterhouse“, and you should go try it now if there’s an ounce of geek in you!

Created by Mikael Romlin, … Read more.

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Happy Birthday, Veggie Day!

© / Anyka

One year ago, the northern Belgium city of Ghent became the first city in the world to declare a weekly meat-free day to promote sustainable and healthy living. Today, the city is celebrating a year of “Donderdag Veggiedag” (Thursday Veggie Day) with stalls, entertainment, music and vegetarian food in the Groentenmarkt.

Since Ghent started this initiative, other cities as well as restaurants, schools and universities in countries such as Germany, the US, Israel, Taiwan, South Africa and Finland have followed suit, and meat-free campaigns, such as “Meatless … Read more.